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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this is cbs5 news . we begin with the latest on a congressional race that is as close as it gets. the latest numbers from district 5, were only nine votes separate the two candidates. lauren reimer is live in the newsroom with the latest twist.>>reporter: unofficial results show andy biggs nine votes ahead of his appointment -- opponent christine jones. on election night jones was the one with the win, she was confident enough to declare a cautious victory. the gap started to close, biggs was down only 500 votes as of friday and then it was nine.
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who voted in the race, it has come down to just a handful of people who might make all the difference in this tight race. tonight, andy biggs is claiming victory. jones's campaign says the matter is far from settled. when the votes separating candidates is fewer than 200, state law requires an automatic recount. back for cigarettes and beer, that's what happened to a circle k employee in the valley. jamie sirota tells us what you can do to help catch the cooks.>>reporter: these pictures are grainy, these are the leads that we have. phoenix police say the suspects barged into a circle k at 25th avenue and glendale early thursday morning.
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behind the counter and bashed the clerk on the head with a pistol. they stashed a bag with beer and cigarettes. the guy on the left, a black man in his 20s wearing a gray hoodie and blue bandanna had the pistol. on the right is a black man in his 20s wearing a black bandanna with white sunglasses. he is the one with the spongebob backpack. >> they were wearing clothing that ul they had hoodies and bandanas.>>reporter: it was 130 230 win the bad guys made bad decisions. they ran and officers want them behind bars. if you know who they are called silent witness that 480- witness. you could get a trash reward. we are learning more about a deadly motorcycle accident at midnight in the west valley near 103rd and
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have been speeding and a car pulled in front of them. that writer was killed at the scene. two people in the car were not hurt. is in oklahoma will be inspecting buildings after eight good sized earthquake shook things up. communities in the northern part of the state got hit the hardest. the 5.6 magnitude quake did some good damage, nothing significant. the survey is reporting the damage could have been worse, the hardness of helped absorb most of the quakes energy. if you have friends or family that live in the area you can get updates on your phone by opening up our free mobile app. the sheriff's danger help finding a suspect that could be in the valley. look at these surveillance photos of the man they are looking for. the guy in the hat went to a
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call police. there's outrage and gilbert tonight over the resignation of a popular high school principal. hundreds of students from williams field high school walked out of class thursday, they were upset after hearing that doctor terri wattawa was planning to step down. she was replaced -- placed on administrative leave weeks ago. students, parents and teachers showed up at a meeting to voice concerns. it is unclear what prompted principal to step down. her resignation was accepted after a two-hour meeting.>> how can they make such a decision without talking to everyone. our voice was not heard. >> an online petition to
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today on the campaign trail, donald trump was in detroit hoping to drum up support from the african-american community. hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from the email scandal. boswell has the latest on the race to the white house.>>reporter: donald trump clapped his hands while acquire saying during his visit to an african-american church in detroit. he vowed to fix the problems facing the black community across america.>> i'm here to learn, so that we can remedy and justice in any form. >> -- >>reporter: it's the first time hedr audience. the pastor wrapped a shawl around trump. protesters gathered with signs saying no hate in the white house. security set up barricades and exchanges got heated tween trump and clinton supporters. on friday, the fbi released 58
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clinton's private email survey while she was secretary of state. documents show clinton's memory was spotty when agents showed are classified emails from her personal account, she did not remember many. she repeatedly said she relied and state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. lindens campaign says the materials only prove why the justice department decided not to flooding is caused louisiana 800 -- $8.5 billion, john bel edwards asked for $2 billion in federal aid. or than 55,000 homes were damaged and businesses were flooded. folks in a liar breathing easier after hurricane lester was downgraded to a tropical storm.
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islands. the storm has stayed on course and remained a hurricane, lester could've brought heavy winds, 25 feet of high surf. no watches or warnings are in effect. i am mark taylor in for ashley. it's a great day. temperatures are average for this time of year, clear skies will stay the rest satellite shows things are looking mostly clear in the valley of the sun. northern part of the states all activity in the grand canyon. goodyear 104, maricopa 102, 102 in mesa and apache junction.
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of the southwest. it will get breezy tonight. the big story will be in our temperatures, things are cooling down tonight into the upper 70s and low 80s. there will be a big cool down in our temperatures after wednesday. we will talk more in that 7-day forecast. a lot more answers coming up on cbs5 news. details on a major blow to construction equipment caterpillar. a trip for president obama as he met china's president. cbs5 is committed to helping police get this killer off our streets. there is a $75,000 warned to find this man who is linked to
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construction equipment company caterpillar is handing out pink slips. caterpillar announced 300 workers will be laid off. the company is planning on thousands of job cuts overseas. obama and china where he will meet with the secretary, a climate agreement will be handed zika remains an emergency and continues to infect new countries. 72 countries and territories are infected. today at the vatican, pope francis led a prayer service for mother teresa. tomorrow, she will be canonized 19 years after her death. still keepers have two new cubs in atlanta after their giant panda gave birth.
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next, are you grilling this weekend? you need to know that too much grilling can be bad for you. answers on how to cut your risks of cancer are straight ahead. a big cool down in our temperatures. that's coming up in the 7-day
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lots of people will grill out this weekend. those ta linked to cancer. >> there is something about the grill. >>reporter: mark wilson is celebrating his wife's birthday with a barbecue. >> grilling is a perfect way. >>reporter: it may be tasty, grilling too much may be bad for your health. and oncologist says chemicals
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fact that drips on the grill have both been linked to colon, pancreatic and best cancer. >> studies have shown that people consume meat that has been grilled on high heat regularly, may be at risk.>>reporter: there are some things to reduce your risk, clean your grill and cook food at lower temperatures. >> we recommend marinating, it increases the moisture and that will decrease the formation of chemicals.>> every dare you just tried to do the best.>>reporter: a gas grill cooks more evenly and there are no health risks.>> experts also say it's a good idea for a food thermometer to make sure your foods are cooked their only. anymore when you send a package. ups is planning to increase its
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effect december 26. he said higher freight rates will take effect starting september 19. a consumer alert, delta airlines says a computer outage last month cost the airline $100 million in lost revenue. malfunction costs 2300 flights to be canceled. delta reported passenger revenue in august fell more than 9% answers on your wellness, a study suggests patients operated on at night are twice as likely to die as those during regular business hours. that's according to canada researchers. doctors examined gathered over five years and found people with surgeries late in the day had a higher mortality risk. two thirds of americans say pharmacies shouldn't sell tobacco and 50% of smokers a great. the cdc says policies can
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smokers. smoking is a leading cause of preventable death in the united states, killing 500,000 americans every year. i mark taylor in for ashlee demartino on this lovely saturday. temperatures across the state we are looking at very clear for all of us in the phoenix area. 14 right now that's average. look at the neighbd and -- goodyear is at 104. these temperatures will stay through tomorrow night, temperatures tomorrow will be 104. across the country phoenix is clear, we will see these temperatures stay with us tonight and it will be very dry for us.
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levels very low. our computer is having issues. things are looking clear, thunderstorm in the grand canyon. we will stay dry. looking at tomorrow morning, waking up to dry conditions and clear. monday is looking clear as well. the chang wednesday. tonight's low will be 81 in phoenix and it will get lower tuesday night and wednesday night. 73 in gila bend. highs tomorrow 104 average for this time of year. the moisture rich temperatures will come back on wednesday and we will see a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.
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cooling down, the moisture comes back into our atmosphere and we see the thunderstorm activity in the afternoon. the chance for thunderstorms are only 20% up to 40%. the overnight lows will be in the mid-70s, daytime highs will still be uncomfortably warm. fall weather won't arrive for another month. i did hear someone order a pumpkin spice latte. it's still too warm for that. up next, a valley teacher gets
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some students are learning more than just the basics. they are getting a lesson in life, their teacher is battling breast cancer. we show you how compassion is often the best medicine.>>reporter: in a good is not about to let cancer keep her out of the classroom. >> i cannot imagine not coming. co benefit and a medicine that helps me focus on what's important. >>reporter: the instructor at saint gregory's in phoenix was diagnosed with best cancer last month and is already undergone treatments. it has been a struggle, mrs. good tells us the support from students and -- parents and administrators has helped.
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convince anybody that i can do this. they believe in me. >> we first got the news in august.>>reporter: teacher elizabeth devine knows what is in front of mrs. good. which is why she reached out to cbs 5 to pay it forward. >> it broke our hearts, she is a good person and it doesn't seem fair. we have a surprise for you. you are most dedicated and every student is special to you . and every student feel special because of you. we know the challenges ahead are daunting and that you will meet them and beat them with your courage. thanks to cbs pay it forward, we are all paying for your
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>> she is a fighter. >> pay it forward! if you would like to nominate someone for next week's pay it forward head on over to and click on the pit forward tab. next, tonight you can help valley police find the suspect who stabbed a man while he was sleeping. ever wonder paul babeu exposed in a damning home video.
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widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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this is cbs5 news at 5:30 we begin tonight with breaking news at shea and they are upset about a new dolphin facility. a number of animal-rights groups have been doing all they can to keep dolphin facilities from opening. protesters believe dolphins do not belong in the desert and should not be kept in such a confined space. not everyone thinks dolphins in the desert is a bad idea.
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-- will care for.>>reporter: the trainers at dolphin eras are working with the stars at what will soon be a unique attraction and the valley. five bottlenose dolphins just arrived from california.>> as soon as we put them in their pool, they popped up and ate fish.>>reporter: doctor stafford is the gm still getting finishing touches before opening next month. 900,000 gallons of saltwater filled for large pools and visitors will learn about and swim with the dolphins.>> our programs are designed for kids of all ages. we want school groups and young people to be inspired by these wonderful creatures. >>reporter: high-capacity
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the dolphins are getting used to their environment and getting ready to entertain and teach kids from across the valley. i'm amanda goodman for cbs5 news. the protest comes on the same day celebrations are underway for the grand opening of the aquarium that is right next door. thousands made their way in to see what sharks and penguins look like. the two-story facility holds more than 2 million gallons of water and includes making it the largest aquarium in the southwest. an airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in goodyear after the pilot spotted spoke. they landed on a dirt road near rainbow valley road 10 miles south west of the phoenix, good your airport. no one was injured. a nine -- and knife wielding attacker is on the
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>> police say a man was asleep and was awoken by someone was started to he was sleeping in his car at the time near 16th street and roosevelt. police are trying to track down what happened. officer say he was stabbed repeatedly and then he drove himself away before getting out of the car, walking us -- across the street and collapsing in a parking lot. police say the stabbing looks unprovoked and whomever did it just ran. the man is expected to recover. if you have any information


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